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And how to get a year extra!

We take our quality very serious, so of course you will get a guarantee on your purchase! You get a one-year guarantee for the light heads, batteries and canisters.

And register your light head and/or canister with us and you will get an extra year. For free! So you are covered for 2 years in total.

Needless to say, but we point it out anyway, this applies to normal use. And we expect you to follow the instructions in the manual, as it was your most precious gem.

So, using your light as a hammer, banging against nice wrecks, chasing burglars for hours out of the water, is excluded. In legal terms that will say:

During the guarantee period Anchor Dive lights guarantees that your light head, battery and canister will function according to the specifications of the product, provided that the products will be used in accordance with the instructions in the manual. Excluded from the guarantee are normal wear and tear and flooding of the light head.

Should your product not function as we promised please contact us and we’ll assess together with you what the best solution is.

A solution can be a repair or in some cases replacement, which of the 2 options will be to the sole discretion of Anchor Dive Lights, however, we wish our customers to be happy with the offered solution.

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