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Tray Large - 2 Flex-arms


Tray Large - 2 Flex-arms


€259 Inc. VAT

This set consists of the BLUESTACK 30 cm baseplate with 2 ARDNAGEER handles with flex-arms.

The 2 handles gives your camera stability while you can fix your cameralights to the flex-arm. The flexibility of the flex-arm will make sure your lights can be aimed in the perfect angle for your photo or video. In this configuration the tray is suitable for camera’s/housing with a maximum width of 20 cm.

Our trays are named after the mountain range the BLUESTACK Mountains, (Irish: na Cruacha Gorma, meaning “the blue stacks”). It is a mayor mountain range in the south of County Donegal, Ireland.

The arms for our trays got their name from the mountain ARDNAGEER (Irish: Ard na gCaor which means ‘height of the berries’). Ardnageer is a 642 meter high mountain in the Bluestack mountain range.

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More details

BLUESTACK Large – 30cm:

  • Baseplate 30cm wide for tray.
  • Possibility to attach 2 handles or flex-arms.
  • Including 2 ¼ Whitworth screws.
  • Rubber anti-slip inlay.
  • Suitable for cameras/housing with max. width of 20cm.
  • Anticorodial aluminium.

ARDNAGEER 380 – 38cm:

  • Handle 12cm with flex-arm to fit our trays (total length 27cm).
  • You can attach our LAURENTIC, AUDACIOUS, CRUIT and DOOLIN light head directly on the flex-arm.
  • Including 7 screws and washers.
  • Anticorodial aluminium.

Technical specification

  • Anodized molded aluminium
  • Flex-arm: premium grade acetal copolymer material
  • Screws & washers: stainless steel


  • Length: 300mm
  • Width: 44mm
  • Heigth: 9mm
  • Total weight above water: ~207g


  • Length: 380mm
  • Diameter handle: 42mm
  • Diameter head adapter: 54mm
  • Weight above water: ~452g

Complete set (including Withworth screws):

  • Width: 300mm
  • Length: 44mm
  • Heigth: 389mm
  • Total weight above water: ~1,111g

  • 1 BLUESTACK tray 300mm
  • 2 ARDNAGEER flex-arm handle 380mm incl. Allan key adaptor
  • 2 Whitworth screw 1/4
  • 14 Screws with washers
  • 1 Allan key