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FANORE Spot 650 - Handheld


FANORE Spot 650 - Handheld

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The FANORE Spot 650 is a dive light that is perfect for diving in clear water both during the day and at night. It’s powerful and tightly focused beam reaches fantastic distance making this an exceptional hand-held primary dive light for recreational divers of all levels. It is also popular with free divers and as a general purpose land torch as it can run on standard 3 x AAA batteries. Uniquely, this torch can also run on the popular rechargeable Li-Ion 18650.

The powerful 4,500 lux beam provides a generous 90 minutes burn time at 100% power.

The torch is now available in a selection of colors.

As a Christmas special, we will also include the free high quality TROSTAN pouch holster case valued at €20 for all FANORE, ARRAN and MULROY purchases.

The FANORE Spot 650 is named after a well know shore dive site near to FANORE beach, which is situated on the coast of county Clare, Ireland. This is the site where our founding father Declan first encountered Dusty the Dolphin, a female bottlenose dolphin and a local celebrity who even has her own Facebook page.

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More details

  • The FANORE is a dive light made for diving in both clear water both during the day and at night. This dive light has a powerful 4,500 lux beam.
  • The quality of our reflector design maximises the light output.
  • The light comes with a combination of strobe and SOS modes which is a safety feature.
  • The light can be used with a rechargeable 18650 lithium battery or it can also be used with 3 standard AAA batteries.
  • The expected burn time at 100% output is 90 minutes.
  • Three output intensity levels of 100%, 50% and 25% enables very long durations over multiple dives or extended durations when battery is low.
  • Power indicator
  • LED battery indicator:
    • Blue – over 60% available;
    • Red – 10-30% available;
    • Flashing Red – less than 10%.
  • When the battery level gets very low the torch shuts down saving the battery memory. This battery protection makes sure that you can have many more dives without needing to replace the battery.
  • The light has an overheat protection. It turns off automatically should the light head get too hot. This saves burning out the LED and electronics.
  • Double and Triple O-Ring design ensures water tightness even at extreme depths. The aviation grade anodized aluminium gives strength and longevity.

Technical specification

  • Battery Power Display
  • Low Electric Alarm
  • Low Electric Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Battery anti-reverse Protection

The FANORE has 3 light modes:

  • Spot
  • SOS
  • Strobe

The FANORE has 3 light intensities:

  • 100%
  • 50%
  • 25%

  • Lumens: 650 Lumens
  • Beam Angle: 10 degree spot
  • LUX: 6500 LUX
  • Colour temperatuur: ~6500K
  • Bulb Technology: CREE XM-L T4 LED

  • Battery cell: 18650 Li-ion or 3x AAA battery
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity: 2,600MAh
  • Rechargable: Yes but the AAA depends on the battery
  • Protection
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours for the 18650 Li-Ion
  • Burn Time:
    • at 100%: 90 minutes
    • at 50%: 3 Hours
    • at 25%: 6 hours

  • Aviation grade aluminium

  • Length: 131mm
  • Diamater head: 35.2mm
  • Weight light head: ~149g
  • Weight 18650 Battery: ~49g
  • Total weight above water:~198g
  • Charger and Cable: ~50g
  • Packaging: ~100g

  • CE tested: 100 meters
  • Maximum inwater depth test: 130 meters

  • FANORE light head
  • Body
  • 3 x AAA battery sleeve
  • 18650 battery bleeve
  • 2 spare O-rings small
  • O-ring remover
  • Wrist lanyard
  • Tank sticker

OPTIONAL – see related Products

  • Charger pod
  • 18650 Battery
  • USB cable
  • TROSTAN Dive Light Pouch
  • Single or Double Ended Piton Clip

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