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DOOLIN - Light Head - Red

Series 4k Spot

Doolin Dive Light Head Series 4K – Red
Doolin Dive Light Head Series 4K – Red
Doolin Dive Light Head Series 4K – Red
Doolin Dive Light Head Series 4K – Red

DOOLIN - Light Head - Red

Series 4k Spot

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The DOOLIN 4K Spot light head is a very intense 8 degree spot asked for by cave divers and divers diving in very poor visibility. Named after a famous cave diving site in Ireland, the DOOLIN is an excellent addition to our range of modular dive lights.

The DOOLIN has all the usual Anchor Dive Lights features including a modular head, runtime as handheld of 90 minutes on full power, and different intensity settings. This modular head works with existing handhelds, umbilical cables and canisters. Divers can choose from intensity setting of 100%, 50%, 25% and 10%. Where the 50% intensity will give an astonishing runtime of 6 hours, requested by cave divers.

An added feature is the sealed light head, should the battery leak or water come in, the head will not be damaged.

DOOLIN has been tested over 150m, and has a CE approval to 100m. It also works with all existing canisters, Goodman handle ERRIGAL and ball adapters.

The Doolin got its name from the cave system at Doolin Point Co Donegal, ireland. Not many know that Ireland has some of the best cavern diving sites in European temper waters. The Green Holes of Doolin in County Clare combine good visibility with spacious breathtaking underwater tunnels.

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More details

  • Umbilical cable with space for ball adapter.
  • Can be used in combination with KIPPURE, ring and ball adapter.
  • Length: 125cm.
  • Protected against wear and tear.
  • Protection end caps.
  • Protective O-rings.

Technical specification

  • Length: 125cm
  • Weight: 207g

  • 1 Umbilical Cable 2018 with space for ball adapter for LAURENTIC, AUDACIOUS or CRUIT – 125cm
  • 2 Protective caps