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Technical Diver

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You've mastered the art of diving with other gas mixes. Nitrox, stage bottled and decompression stops are no longer things you just talk about. As you can now dive deeper and/or longer than before you will need a torch with extra long runtime and extra brightness that is now needed.

Series 1K Spot - Handheld
Arran Dive Light Series 1K Spot - Blue
Series 3K Spot - Handheld
Laurentic Dive Light Series 3K Spot - Blue
Series 4K Spot - Handheld
Doolin Dive Light Series 4K Spot – Blue – Red
Series 189 - Handheld
Audacious Dive Light Series 189 - Blue - Red - Orange
Series 5K Video Light - Handheld
Cruit Video Light Series 5K Adapter Ring Ball – Blue