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Anchor Dive Lights Series 1K Spot and Wide


Scuba Diver Choice Award Winner


Anchor 1k Spot Best Backup Dive Light Scuba Diver Choice Award Winner

“Well made, well priced, and with a great performance (in both Wide and Spot variants).”

Anchor Dive Lights are an Ireland-based company that is earning high acclaim in the world of underwater lighting. The Series 1K is one of their staple products, and there are two versions – the Spot and the Wide. Both are made from aviation-grade anodised aluminium – with a nifty, distinctive blue head – depth-rated to 100m, and come with battery and charger. They have three power settings, and burn times of around 70-80 minutes on full, two and a half hours at 50 percent, and five hours at 25 percent. It is simple to cycle through the different power settings by pressing the on/off button, which also features illumination to let you know the charge level of the battery.


Best Backup Dive Light Scuba Diver Choice Award Winner
The Spot, with its CREE XM-L T6 LED, produces a tightly focused, bright ten degree beam which still has some peripheral light that illuminates around the main beam.

The Wide, with its CREE XM-L U2 LED, puts out a 72 degree wide beam, which literally illuminates a huge area with a bright, even flood light.

The Spot and the Wide are powerful enough to be used as a primary in UK waters, and are so small – and well-priced – that you could buy both and be able to switch between a spot light and a wide beam as conditions dictate. You also have a built-in redundancy then too! Either of these would also be great for a tropical night dive, but knock it down to 50 percent power.


Scuba Diver Choice Award Verdict

Dive lights are an essential piece of a diver’s kit arsenal, and all the torches here performed admirably, which made dishing out the awards incredibly hard.

6 Best Scuba Diving Back-Up Dive Lights

The Exposure Marine, Anchor Dive Lights and Finnsub were all contenders. They all put in a superb performance, and we liked the Exposure Marine’s compact size, the Anchor Dive Lights’ build quality and performance, and the Finnsub’s unique ‘tap’ switch, but the Anchor Dive Lights 1K Series merged the winner with a combination of being well made, well priced, and with a great performance (in both Wide and Spot variants).

Source – Scuba Diver Mag ANZ

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