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AUDACIOUS Series 189 - LAURENTIC Series 3K Spot


AUDACIOUS Series 189 - LAURENTIC Series 3K Spot

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The AUDACIOUS is your “all-in-one” dive light, the only feature it does not have is a built-in back-up light.

Do you think the 10 degree beam of the ARRAN 1K spot is too narrow as your back-up ligth next to your primary light AUDACIOUS? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Combine the AUDACIOUS with our LAURENTCI 3K 20 degree spot. Because the LAURENTIC has a wider beam the light intensity is similar to that of the ARRAN.

However, the increased output combined with a less tightly focused beam allows you to see more than with the ARRAN in the unlikely event the AUDACIOUS lets you down.

The AUDACIOUS combined with the LAURENTIC as a set is called Rosguill. Rosguill (Irish: Ros Goill) is a peninsula situated in north-north-west County Donegal, Ireland. Lying between the peninsulae of Fanad to the east and Horn Head to the west, Rosguill is a dichotomy of heathland and ocean. From this peninsula dive trips to the SS Laurentic as well as to the HMS Audacious are organized.

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More details

  • The AUDACIOUS has all the possible features a diver would want in one light.
  • The AUDACIOUS has the ability to optionally run both Wide and Spot together at the same time. This works because the color temperature is the same together with our unique design of the spot reflector.
  • Creative underwater photographers can use the wide warm (CRI 85) functions next to the wide-cool (CRI 75 / ) function.
  • The AUDACIOUS has 8 different modes, wide in 3 light intensities, and in 2 light temperatures. A spot in 3 light intensities, red, blue, strobe and SOS. The LAURENTIC has 3 output levels
  • As the AUDACIOUS has a lot of different modes, it has a memory function implemented where the light turns back on at the same mode that it was turned off in.
  • The LAURENTIC has a powerful 9,500 lux beam, which makes it a perfect back-up light next to the AUDACIOUS. The quality of our reflector design maximises the light output
  • The LAURENTIC also comes with a combination of strobe and SOS modes
  • The LAURENTIC has a replaceable and rechargeable 32650 lithium battery while the AUDACIOUS has a replaceable and rechargeable 32650 lithium battery. Both batteries are sourced direct from Panasonic.
  • The expected burn time of the AUDACIOUS at 100% output is about 60 minutes. For the LAURENTIC the expected burn time at 100% output is 75 minutes.
  • Power indicator.
  • Led battery indicator:
    • Blue – over 60% available
    • Green – 30-60% available
    • Red – 10-30% available
    • Flashing Red – less than 10%.
  • When the battery level gets very low the torch shuts down saving the battery memory. This battery protection makes sure that you can have many more dives without needing to replace the battery.
  • Both lights have an overheat protection. It turns off automatically should the light head get too hot. This saves burning out the LED and electronics.
  • Double and Triple O-Ring design in both lights ensures water tightness even at extreme depths.