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Our values and what they mean to you

Loving the sea

That is why we try to follow the five R’s as good as we can: Reduce, Replace, Reuse, Repair, and Recycle. This means we do our utmost best to avoid plastic, reuse packing material, repair our products, recycle batteries and be aware of our footprint. As we truly belief in an ecological and social sustainable world, we select our manufacturers keeping this value in mind. Also, we want our customers to explore and enjoy everything down there in a safe and healthy way. So, batteries will last for long enjoyment, design will be innovative and your light will be suited for your dive.

By divers for divers

As we regularly dive with our clients and customers, we gather direct feedback. Not only on the technical aspects but foremost on the use (and abuse) of the dive lights. This helps us to define new products, updates and line extensions. Again, the immediate feedback helps us to release products based on our philosophy! Only when we are completely satisfied and feel the sense of ‘pride’ for a new product, we will initiate manufacturing.

Building solid relationships

Whether it involves manufacturers, consumers, resellers or trade partners, we believe in solid human relationships. If we say high-quality or durability, it has been tested over and over again. If we promise to find a solution for a problem, we will. If you contact us, we will respond. Simple values but highly important. This means we work with the same suppliers for years now. That we value our resellers and aim to develop qualitative, reasonably priced torches with a sustainable reseller margin. That consumers will experience identical recommended retail prices, no matter the country or sales channel.

. . . And finally, we are proud to be Irish!

How we started

This is the story of how we started in our own little garage.

Declan Burke, founding father of Anchor Dive Lights, was dabbling with homemade torches already in University, back in 2001.

At that time, halogen lamps, large batteries and heavy dive lights were the standard: ‘Big Boys Lights’. They weren’t fully reliable and the high spec torches were very expensive. So, he started designing and constructing dive lights for his own use, and for his, just as poor, fellow students. This is how new businesses start, isn’t it?

In 2005, after travelling and diving all around the globe, he started building his reputation as a dive equipment retailer and technical dive instructor in Donegal.

The introduction of LED and its reduction in torch size with increased duration was revolutionizing the market. His students found that the cheaper Chinese LED torches tended to burst beyond 50m depth and the magnetic switches were unreliable. Also, the GoPro was introduced, increasing the demand for high quality video lights. All this set him on his path to form Anchor Dive Lights in 2010.

Since then, Anchor Dive Lights has become the premium Irish dive light brand, represented in Europe, South America and Asia. Not bad for a garage start-up!

Meet the team

Declan Burke

Declan has been diving since 1999 and has always had a keen interest in the functional design of underwater torches, dive computer features and decompression models. As a technical diver and trimix instructor, he can be found teaching diving at St. Johns Point, enjoying macro photography in Mulroy bay, or when time and weather permits, diving the battleship HMS Audacious or the Ocean Liner SS Laurentic. Declan Is responsible for product innovation and finance.

Marjolein van Laere

Marjolein started diving back in 1991 in Florida. However, diving in the Netherlands has never appealed to her, just too cold and dark. After meeting up with Frans, the virus flared up again and together they joined their local dive club. Diving in 2-piece 7mm semi-drysuits and using Anchor Dive Lights solved both the cold as the dark problem. Marjolein brings over 20 years of experience as a Legal Counsel and as a photographer to the ADL team.

Frans De Pater

In 1996 Frans dived for the first time in the Dominican Republic. Truth to be told: it took him almost 20 years to repeat this. In his search for dive lights, he got intrigued by the opportunities in the scuba dive industry. Having an international entrepreneurial back ground in various industries, joining the ADL team was a no-brainer. Together with Marjolein they are responsible for marketing, sales and logistics for mainland Europe.

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The quality of the equipment with the premier service you provide is testament to Anchor Dive Lights. I look forward to being able to record future dives for my personal viewing for the coming years, comfortable in the knowledge that I have fantastic lighting equipment to support the camera.

Peter Baker

Having purchased over 20 handhelds (both 10 and 72 degree) and put them through their paces in some harsh environments we can attest to both the quality of the light and the sturdiness of the actual unit. Mark now owns GoDive in Derby where they are Premier Anchor Dive Light dealers.

Mark – MSDS Marine

Not only are the products better than advertised but the service is second to none. Very highly recommended any of Anchor Dive Lights products.

Howard – Advanced Instructor - Selby Sub Aqua Club