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Laurentic Series 3K Spot & Mulroy Series 1K Wide


Laurentic Series 3K Spot & Mulroy Series 1K Wide

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When you usually dive in clear waters but occasionally in less visibility the KERRYKEEL set, which combines the LAURENTIC and MULROY, could give you the flexibility you need.

The handheld LAURENTIC is perfect for diving in clear water, both during the day and at night while the MULROY is perfect for murky waters. However, you can also use the MULROY as your back-up light or as a camera focusing light. Both lights have the easy to use single button operation which controls both the intensity and signaling modes.

The incorporated battery indicator also displays the remaining state of battery charge.

The combination of the Laurentic and the Mulroy has recieved its name from the village of Kerrykeel on the shores of Mulroy bay.

Kerrykeel (Irish: An Cheathrú Chaol, meaning “The Narrow Quarter”) is a small village in County Donegal. 

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More details

  • The KERRYKEEL set comprises the LAURENTIC and MULROY handheld dive lights.
  • The LAURENTIC is a dive light for diving in both clear water during the day and at night.
  • The MULROY is designed for diving in bo