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AUDACIOUS - Light Head - Red

Series 189 - Component

AUDACIOUS - Light Head - Red

Series 189 - Component

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The AUDACIOUS light head is the “All in One”dive light for photographers, cave divers and divers who want the best. We believe this torch has every conceivable feature a diver needs in one light head.

The Audacious combines the best features of the ARRAN, the CRUIT and the LAURENTIC and puts them together in one light. The color temperature in the wide-cool mode is the same as the CRUIT and the previous Series 5k Spot. This allows a cost effective way to have the ideal video light / photogrammetry system as well as having a great dive light. The only light system you now require is the AUDACIOUS together with the CRUIT mounted on one of our heavy duty trays and set of light arms.

Your existing Anchor wreck or cave canister will work with this light head.

The Audacious is named after the wreck of the HMS Audacious, a 182-metre-long King George
class battleship that hit a German mine on 27 October 1914 and sank to the seabed app 70 metres below. The entire crew was rescued by the crew of the Olympic, a sister ship of the Titanic. Audacious was a “super dreadnought,” an evolution of a design first seen in 1906 that rendered all other battleships obsolete, and fueled the arms race between Great Britain and Germany. It is now a well know dive site for technical divers.

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More details

  • The AUDACIOUS light head can be combined with our wreck or cave canister in an umbilical system.
  • Aimed at cave Divers and Night divers. the Audicious has the ability to optionally run both Wide and Spot together at the same time. This works because the color temperature is the same together with our unique design of the spot reflector.
  • Also aimed at creative underwater photographers because of the wide warm (CRI 85) functions next to the wide-cool (CRI 75 / ) function.
  • 8 Degree Spot – aimed at cave divers / search and recovery for signalling and all divers for looking under rocks or wrecks during the day.
  • The AUDACIOUS has 8 different modes, wide in 3 light intensities, and in 2 light temperatures. A spot in 3 light intensities, red, blue, strobe, attention and SOS. As there are a large number of modes, we have implemented a memory function where the light turns back on at the same feature that it was turned off in.
  • Strobe Spot and strobe wide – Strobe wide can be used as a shot line marker and strobe spot can be used for attracting attention from large distances away.
  • UV Wavelength of 420nm increased from 385nm. This ensures both Hard and Soft Corals can be illuminated.
  • Ability to mount a ball to the light head itself instead of to the body making the video light more balanced and user friendly.
  • Goodman / Helmet mount – enables divers to connect our goodman handle or cave helmets direct to the light head itself making it more balanced and easy to use despite the larger head size.
  • Ability to turn off the battery status indicator switch to enable photographers to take long run time shots without interference from the blue switch.
  • Power indicator
  • Led battery indicator:
    • Blue – over 60% available
    • Green – 30-60% available
    • Red – 10-30% available
    • Flashing Red – less than 10%.
  • When the battery level gets very low the torch shuts down saving the battery memory. This battery protection makes sure that you can have many more dives without needing to replace the battery.
  • The light has an overheat protection. It turns off automatically should the light head get too hot. This saves burning out the LED and electronics.
  • Double and Triple O-Ring design ensures water tightness even at extreme depths.
  • The aviation grade anodized aluminium gives strength and longevity.

Technical specification

  • Auto Off feature when a strobe is fired. Can be turned on or off.
  • Battery Power Display
  • Low Electric Alarm
  • Low Electric Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Battery anti-reverse Protection

The AUDACIOUS has 8 different light modes:

  • Warm wide
  • Cool wide
  • Spot
  • Red
  • Bue
  • Strobe (Wide and Spot)
  • SOS
  • Attention

The AUDACIOUS had 3 light intensities for the wide and the spot:

  • 100%
  • 50%
  • 25%



  • Lumens:
    • Spot 1.000 lumens
    • Wide, Red, UV: 5.000 lumens
  • Beam Angle: 8 Degree Spot and 120 degree Wide
  • LUX:
    • 15.000 LUX (8 degree)
    • 791 LUX (Wide, UV-420nm, red-620nm)
  • Bulb Technology: CREE LED’s

  • Aviation grade aluminium

  • Length: 64mm
  • Diameter head: 59mm
  • Light Head: ~239g

  • CE tested: 100 meters
  • Maximum inwater test depth: 115 meters

  • AUDACIOUS light head – red