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Laurentic – Series 3k Spot Review

Test Date: July 2017 to March 2018

The Series 3k Spot long term test was conducted by Mark Evans, editor of “Scuba Diver” Magazine. Scuba Diver is distributed free of charge through Local Dive Shops in Ireland, UK, Australia and USA. At the time of writing, there were more than 370 local stockists. More recently “Scuba Diver” are organizers of the “Go Diving” show in Coventry. We have exhibited over the past two years, and it has been a resounding success for both us and our customers. Below are the mini-reviews Mark conducted over an 8 month period while diving in different diving environments. Since the tests were conducted have released the Doolin Series 4k Spot which is bigger and brighter with a more intense spot.

August 2017

The new arrival this month is the The Anchor Dive Lights Series 3K 20 degree spot. This dinky little torch is made from aviation-grade aluminium, depth rated to over 100m, and has various power settings – 100 percent, 50 percent and 25 percent, as well as three pre-set signalling rates, and a neat incorporated battery indicator that lets you know the remaining charge. The 4.315 lux beam delivers 75 minutes burn time at 100 percent, and it can even be upgraded to an umbilical system, boosting the burn time. It performed brilliantly in Grenada – a full report on how it really lit up our dives will be in the next issue’s Long Term Test.

Suggested retail price: €395 handheld / €839 umbilical + goodman

Number of dives: 0

Time in water: 0 hrs 0 mins

September 2017

The Anchor Dive Light accompanied us to Grenada, and before we get into the performance side of things, let’s talk about the size of it. It is positively dinky, and even with the optional Goodman handle, it clips unobtrusively on your BCD until you need it. Perfect for travelling divers, it doesn’t take up much of your weight allowance either.

Number of dives: 19

Time in water: 18 hrs 20 mins

October 2017

The Anchor Dive Light will be heading off to Iceland with us in the next week or so, but in the meantime it got pressed into action in Vivian Quarry when we were getting Ross Arnold back into the groove with a drysuit. It was dodgy vis to say the least, but the little Series 3K just sliced through it with no trouble at all – amazing little torch.

Number of dives: 22

Time in water: 21 hrs 30 mins

November 2017

The Anchor Dive Light is a powerful little beast in its own right, but with the optional canister battery and umbilical cable, you now suddenly have a vastly increased burntime and power to hand, without drastically increasing the weight and size of the unit. The canister itself is quite compact and will slot on to a webbing strap on your hip or alongside your cylinder, while the head is, if anything, even smaller than the handheld version, so fixed to the Goodman handle, it just nestles on to the back of your hand and is there when you want it. As with the handheld unit, the build quality is impeccable and very robust.

Number of dives: 26

Time in water: 24 hrs 20 mins

December 2017

The Anchor Dive Light is proving to be a cracking little torch. We recently tried it in umbilical guise, and undoubtedly, it was great to have the increased battery power, but in its straightforward handheld configuration it is just such a compact, easy-to-handle little unit. There is no cable to worry about, or battery canister to mount on your BCD or wing, the whole thing is just nicely self-contained on the Goodman handle, and it can sit on the back of your hand until you need it. It is dinky enough to travel with as well, adding another string to its bow. Belting little torch.

Number of dives: 29

Time in water: 28 hrs 15 mins

January 2018

The Anchor Dive Light continues to impress. The bright beam that this compact unit puts out is simply astounding, and everyone who has taken it on a dive has returned full of complements – and reluctant to hand it back!

Number of dives: 34

Time in water: 32 hrs 45 mins

February 2018

The Anchor Dive Light makes a damn fine primary dive torch in its handheld guise, both for right her in the UK and in warmer waters abroad, and its compact size makes it a true joy to handle and use.

Number of dives: 37

Time in water: 36 hrs 15 mins

March 2018

I will be very sad to see this dive torch head back to the manufacturer, as it has been a trusty companion on dives both in this country and abroad. In its handheld guise, it has a phenomenal beam and an awesome burn time, even on full power – it truly does bely the size of the unit just how bright and penetrating the light is. In UK conditions, it sliced through floating detritus with ease, yet was small enough to be almost forgettable on the back of your hand.  Then there was the ability to turn it into an umbilical torch, which was a handy feature when you needed a longer burn time.

Number of dives: 42

Time in water: 41 hrs 25 mins

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