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How our dive lights got their names

Are you like us, and struggle remembering technical dive light names like RX10VZB or BX30GTV? However, we are sure, you can still remember the amazing dive sites you have visited… so one day, we were brainstorming about possible names for our six different dive light models. How can we make the names more memorable for us, but especially for our customers? We are very proud of our Irish roots, and Ireland has many great dive sites, so the idea was born.

Naming our dive lights after Irish dive sites

Each dive light got a name from an Irish dive site. However, not just any dive site, but the site that fits the light perfectly. So, let’s take the ARRAN Series 1K Spot, named after Arranmore Island, off the coast of Donegal. The waters are clear and blue. The dive light you wish to take with you on a dive around Arranmore Island is one that helps you see under rocks, in little crevasses and is suitable for all divers.

Wreck & Cave Diving lights and dive sites

Another example is our LAURENTIC Series 3K Spot. Ireland has some of the most exiting wreck dive sites in the world. The 3K spot with its 20-degree beam is perfect for diving wrecks, especially the wreck of the Laurentic, off the coast of Malin Head. How cool it would be to say that you dived the Laurentic with your LAURENTIC! Our DOOLIN Series 4K Spot, specifically designed for the most discerning divers and the demanding cave diver.  The DOOLIN is a perfect light for any diver that wants to have a lot of light, and is named after the Doolin sea caves off the coast of county Clare.

Irish mountains, lakes, rivers and Dive Lights

We have extended this approach for all our products. The dive sites are reserved for the lights but our other products also have Irish names, and we invented a system. As easy to remember for you as for us, we hope. So, any mounting product was a given the name of a mountain. For example, the ERRIGAL our Goodman handle, got its name from Mt Errigal, the tallest peak in Donegal. Furthermore, the BENBAUM, BURREN and NEPHIN Goodman gloves, are all mountains! So what do we call our canisters? Of course, lakes! Because they both hold power, therefor the ESKE and the BEAGH. The latter being our small canister, and although Beagh is a lake the word also means “small” in Irish. And for the connection of your canister with the lighthead, you’ll need something to transport power. Water and rivers transports power from one point to another. So we came up with LEANNAN, LURGY and GWEEBARRA, three rivers, three different cables.
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Text & Photo: Marjolein van Laere
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