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Why is having a modular torch important?

All Anchor Series torch heads and canisters are modular. Each modular light head will work with any of the series canisters enabling the diver to upgrade in the future as their diving requirements change.

Additionally all Series 5K video lights have the same color temperature, power output and beam angle ensuring your lighting system can build as your diving needs increase.

Looking for your 1st dive light?

Our entry level Spot 650 or the Series 1K Handhelds are our most popular entry level dive torches. These lights provide reliability and additional safety features to ensure the diver is never left in the dark.

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72 Degree handheld

Photographer or Videographer?

The Series 5K and Video 5K torches are designed for GoPro and Videography use due the the “super wide” even 120° beam.

Our Series 5K Photo is also designed specifically as a focus light for photographers due to its strobe auto-off detection feature. Click here to view a listing of all our video and photo lights.

The Series 1K 72° Wide is designed as a backup light due to its “wide” even beam but is also used by divers as a spotting light for compact cameras.

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Technical Diver?

Our umbilical’s are popular with Tec divers due to their exceptional reliability and competitive pricing.

The latest addition, the Series 3K is proving to be very popular with divers for use as a primary torch for diving in deep clear water. It has been designed for use in our local wrecks of Malin Head and North Donegal which typically has 20m+ visibility. The torch would be equally excellent in larger caves.

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