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Canister Dive Lights

Canister Dive Lights


Umbilical dive lights (also known as canister lights) is where the battery pack is connected to a light head via a 1.2m long umbilical cable. They are becoming more and more popular as it is virtually impossible to accidentally lose one as they will be attached to the diver in two different locations. The fact that the light head is so small and can only drop a maximum of 1.2 meters makes them very robust.

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The unique feature of “Anchor” light heads and battery packs is their small size. This reduces the chance of accidental breakage and also reduces weight when travelling. The consistent feedback we keep getting is “wow what a beam from such a small neat product”.


The “Anchor” battery pack features a unique multi umbilical design. “Anchors” multi-beam torches are unique in that the light heads can be interchanged with the handheld model thereby allowing the diver to build up their “system” piece by piece as their needs change.

The ability to have two light heads and two umbilicals running at the same time together with the ability to switch one off when required is a patented “Anchor” innovation.


  • Tec and Cave divers who are looking for extra long burntimes from their torch.
  • Divers on boats who conduct multiple divers per day and may only be able to charge their torch once per day.
  • Photographers and videographers for the variable light beam angle. Narrow beam for finding artifacts and wide beam for recording it.
  • Search and rescue teams who commonly do not know what lighting conditions they may have to endure on any given day.
  • The budget conscious diver who wants an excellent quality umbilical.
The umbilical battery pack has a burn time of over 5 hours and the handheld version has 80 minutes at full power.
We have produced a larger umbilical light battery pack to accompany both our 1000 and 3000 lumen spots as well as our  5000 lumen video light heads. This has been requested by many customers and will be ready to ship from middle of February 2015.
We have produced a 3,000 lumen spot and it’s ready to ship from 1st October 2015

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Canister Dive Lights

  • Cave Canister

    Cave Canister

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  • 1k Spot with Wreck Canister

    Series 1k spot umbilical and wreck canister

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Series 3k / 5k Umbilical Cable

    Series 3K / 5K Umbilical Cable

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  • Wreck 3k Complete with Goodman

    Series 3k 20° Spot with umbilical and wreck canister

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Sale! Cave Canister

    Series 5k – 15° Spot – 120° wide with umbilical and cave canister

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    1,050.00 995.00
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  • Series Wreck Canister

    Wreck Canister

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Canister Dive Light Accessories

  • Modular Goodman Glove

    Goodman Glove Modular

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  • Goodman Handle

    Goodman Handle

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    From: 75.00
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  • Series 1k Light Head

    Series 1k Spot Light Head Only

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