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Scuba Dive Accessories

At Anchor Dive Lights we have a large stock of various scuba dive accessories that a diver needs to accompany any of our dive lights.

Scuba Dive Accessories can make diving easier, tidier and improve the functionality of different pieces of scuba and lighting equipment including:

Clips and lanyards

Clips and lanyards attach torches to a harnesses or BCD


Adapters for video lights and trays allowing our various lights to work with existing light arm systems.


Trays to mount cameras and stabilize video recording.


Arms to move the dive light away from the camera lens thus reducing back-scatter.

Spare Batteries

Spare Batteries enables your torch to have a full charge on every dive even when you are diving 4 times a day on a Live-aboard.

Goodman Gloves and Handles

Goodman Gloves and Goodman Handles enables you to dive hands free. This allows you to be able to use a reel with both hands in poor visibility with ease. Recording student skills with a goodman handle mounted camera is also a common function of our hard goodman handle.

Shop for Scuba Dive Accessories

  • 1k Handheld Spare Batteries

    1K Lithium-Ion 18650 Spare Battery

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  • Video Light Battery

    3K and 5K Lithium-Ion 32650 Spare Battery

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  • Full Face Mask Headmount Clamp

    Full Face Mask Strap Adapter

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  • Handheld 1k Spot with Goodman Glove

    Goodman Glove

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  • Modular Goodman Glove

    Goodman Glove Modular

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  • Goodman Handle

    Goodman Handle

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    From: 75.00
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  • Series 3k / 5k Battery Charger

    Series 3k / 5k Battery Charger

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  • Placeholder


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  • Ball Adapter Mount

    Video Light Ball Adapter

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  • GoPro Handle

    GoPro Handle

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  • GoPro Tray Mount

    GoPro Tray Mount (Aluminium)

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  • GoPro Tray Mount Accessory Adapter Plastic

    GoPro Tray Mount Accessory (Plastic)

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