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Our lights have been designed from real life experiences by our own inhouse expert diving team.

Anchor Dive Lights has access to a wide network of divers and dive sites all over the world. Diving in all different types of conditions and interacting with divers of many different levels and experiences has led to product designs made to assist the real needs of divers.

Our products have been tested across an array of diving conditions meaning we can offer reliable, high quality products.

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Premium service!

"The quality of the equipment with the premier service you provide is testament to Anchor Dive Lights.

I look forward to being able to record future dives for my personal viewing for the coming years."

Peter Baker

Highly recommended!

"Not only are the products better than advertised but the service is second to none.

Very highly recommend any of the Anchor Dive Light products."

Howard Rawson, Advanced Instructor, Selby Sub-Aqua Club

Perfect torches!

"I bought the dive torch on the Duikvaker dive show in the Netherlands and I love it. Most of you use it as an backup but I use it as an primary torch.

Perfect for night dives and my GoPro 5 Black does work very well with it. And also perfect for backpack traveling I to do."

Lars de Graauw

More powerful!

"Had one of these now for over a year and have taken it to Bonair, Egypt, Malta.

I was impressed with the power and size of this torch as it was at least half the size of some of the torches that I saw. And was more powerful at the same time!"

Nevill Douglas

Save money and save our oceans!

As we love the ocean and we want to contribute to a better environment, we have implemented a Trade-In Program for dive lights.

Whether you want to have an awesome new Anchor Dive Light to replace your beloved old Anchor Dive Light.

Or you want to join our community and wish to buy your first ever Anchor Dive Light.

You can trade-in your old dive light, whatever brand it is. In this program to reduce waste we will refurbish or recycle your used torch.

Find out what your old dive light is worth!

Our Trade-in Program!